Our Family of Services & Jobs

We know that with the right support and services, everyone can grow, learn, and be as independent as possible.

Over the years, our work has been driven by the belief that every person deserves to live well. We opened our first group home in Minnesota in the 1960s, when there were few community living options for people with disabiities. 

Today we work in communities across the country, helping people of all ages - from infants to seniors - reach their potential no matter what challenges they face. 

See below for more and explore jobs with our family of services. 

Community Services

Sevita’s Community Services help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, medical needs, and other challenges grow and thrive. Our residential and community-based services are designed to help each person we serve reach their full potential so they can live their best lives. Check out jobs with our family of community services below. 

Behavioral Health Services

Sevita's Behavioral Health Services helps children and families overcome the challenges keeping them from living full, joyful lives. Whether a child is having behavioral, developmental or physical challenges, problems in school, or a wide range of other needs, our caring team members and Mentor foster parents help them heal and thrive so they can have bright futures. Search for jobs in our family of behavioral health services below.  

Specialized Health and Rehabilitation Services

Sevita’s Health and Rehabilitation Services support people with life-changing injuries, illnesses, as well as medical, behavioral, and other challenges in re-learning skills and regaining independence. Search our jobs for these services. 



Sevita’s senior services help seniors live the life they enjoy, with services including day programs, in-home supports, and telehealth services to help them thrive. Search our jobs for these services