Your personal brand: The most important asset in your career toolbox

Your personal brand helps identify who you are and helps differentiate you from others--it's the things about you that make you unique,  how you come across to others you interact with, and your reputation all rolled into one. 

Knowing and understanding what people think, feel, and experience when they interact with you (YOUR PERSONAL BRAND IS THEIR REALITY) can help set you up for success on your career journey. 

Your personal brand: Three things to consider
Ask yourself questions to help you define your brand: 

  • Your values - what you stand for, are passionate about, what's your personal mission
  • How you interact with and treat others
  • Your leadership and work style (you don't need to have 'leader' in your job title to be a leader!

**Rather than guessing at the answers to bullets 2 and 3, considering doing the exercise below to hear from others! **

Getting to know your personal brand 

Your Personal Branding Exercise - Understanding the 3-5 brand characteristics that others use to define you

  • Ask colleaues/co-workers or industry contacts: "What words would you use to describe the work that I do?"

  • Ask managers, mentors, team members: "After you have a conversation with me, what are three words that describe the experience I create for you?"

  • Ask friends, partners, or leaders: "What can you count on me for?"

  • Use performance reviews as opportunities to collect information/data

What did you learn from the exercise?
Putting it all together, what 3 words describe your personal brand today?
Looking ahead, what 3 words will you want to use to describe your personal brand a year from now?
What changes, if any, will you make to get there?