​​​​​​​Tips for Success: Rocking Your Interview

While interviewing for a job may seem overwhelming, the right preparation can give you the best chance to ace it and start the next chapter on your career journey!

Here are our top 4 tips to help you put your best foot forward: 

1. Do Some Surfing! 
You’ll want to know a little more about the company before you talk to a hiring manager. They want to see you’re interested in working for them and understand what they do and why they do it. Plus, doing a little online research may help you make the decision if the company is right for YOU.

  • Check out the company’s website and social media channels
  • Google them to find out the latest news
  • Read reviews on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed

2. Get in the Right Mindset
Being in the right frame of mind and at your best before the interview is key. Use whatever calming and focusing activities you’ve found to work for you in the past, like exercising, listening to music, watching or reading inspirational stories and quotes, meditating, or trying other visualization techniques.

  • Plan your interview outfit so you’re dressed confidently. Even if the interview is virtual/online be sure to wear business or business casual clothing.
  • Prep your commuting plans, allowing for potential traffic or transportation delays (or even getting lost). Maybe drive the route or hop on the bus or train at the same time on a day before their interview so you know

3. Plan for Time to Shine!
Review the job description before your interview and highlight the skills and background required. Think of examples when you’ve done something similar to what tasks the job description includes. Always focus on results and the impact you had in your previous jobs.

  • Make a list of your top strengths and how you think they will help you succeed in the new role.
  • Remember, you can use examples of your individual accomplishments outside of the workplace such as volunteer experience, school projects, or training programs.
  • Build rapport with your interviewer. People want to work with individuals they like and have things in common with, so plan to share a bit about yourself personally at the interview. What do you like to do outside of work? Are you originally from the area the job is located, or where did your family live when you were growing up? What personal connection to you have to the company, their mission, or the work you’d do?

4. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up
Feel free to ask a few questions at the end of the interview to learn more about the company, culture, team, or other aspects you are interested in learning before making a decision if the job is right for you.
  • Ask about next steps so you know what to expect, when you’ll hear from the recruiter, and if there will be additional interviews.
  • Make sure you get the contact information of all the people you met with and then send a follow up email to thank them for their time. Typically, there are several candidates, with their own unique skills - the hiring manager may struggle with a decision. By following up after an interview, you’re creating an opportunity to tip the scales in your favor!