Meet Moises, a military veteran and a
member of the IT Field Support team in California

Shaun, Delegating Nurse

Seeing our impact, that's living.

"The individuals we support live a better life because of the care we provide.
Even though I don't care for our individuals first hand, I want to contribute to the company
and do something that connects to making those individuals lives' better."

Tell us about your career journey. 
Back in 2022, I was finishing my contract in the Marine Corp and looking to get a civilian job lined up, and I was applying to a lot of jobs and got a couple of offers. I’m a huge ‘intuition, gut feeling’ kind of person, and something just didn’t feel right. So I started narrowing down what I was really looking for, and decided it was either a school environment or the healthcare industry. I saw a job opening at Sevita and decided to do a little more research. That’s when I learned about the people we support, and that’s what really brought me to Sevita. I have a sister (13 years old)  that was born with Down Syndrome, so seeing programs out there that I never knew existed helping people like her and others, that was really the deciding factor.

I really love my co-workers and the environment. They treat me with respect. I’m trusted to get my work done, and in turn can do great work. Here I work independently for the most part, but meet with my manager and coworkers on a weekly basis. If I need my co-workers to back me up they do, no questions asked.

How did that experience in the military help you transition to the role you have now?
In the military you’re asked to choose a “MOS”, military occupational specialty. It’s pretty vague. I chose the ‘communications’ field and got assigned to a role as a Data Systems Administrator. I found I had a knack for IT and was able to do a lot of ‘hands on’ work, and sometimes was in ‘the field’ where we were out in the wilderness “camping” for two to three weeks. Our task was to get tents up, technology ready, internet up in 48-72 hours. So transitioning to this role I was comfortable going to a site, working with whatever was there, and figuring it out.

"The culture here is really inclusive, treating everyone as equals, as it should be.
You’re not judged by how you look, how you dress.
You’re judged by the quality of your work."

How would you describe Sevita’s culture for employees?
Definitely inclusive, and taking initiative is valued here. That’s one thing the Marines instilled in me from the beginning. You have to know how to take charge if the person ahead of you isn’t there one day. When I began this position, I was entrusted with IT for all of Central California.  I was able to instantly take initiative, understand how to keep up with tasks, grasp new concepts, and have that foresight in mind.

Is there an ‘aha’ moment that confirmed you made the right decision to come to the company in your particular role?
It was one of my first weeks here at Sevita. I had on-the-job in person training from a few coworkers for the first few days, and then was on my own. I was dealing with a situation that was foreign to me, and I was anxious about figuring out a solution on my own. So I called my co-worker, Henri, and he helped reassure me that “It’s OK, figure out one issue at a time. I have your back.” At that moment I realized I wasn’t alone, that my colleagues have my back, and I have that support. That felt great.

Who has made the greatest impact on your career, your career journey, or your personal journey? There are a few people who made a huge impact on me and my journey.

  • First is my mom. She showed me the value of working hard. I wish I appreciated her when I was younger, because she was a single mom with six kids. She was able to keep working in the fields while pregnant with her youngest child, my sister. I definitely think she did the best with the cards she was dealt. That inspired me to just keep on working hard.

  • The second person is my oldest brother. My father was deported when I was young, and it was a rough time for my family. My brother took up the mantle of being the man of the house to support me and my brothers. He graduated high school while working after school hours to make a little extra money for us so he could buy us clothes and shoes. After high school he’d work in the fields for part of the day then come home, shower, and go to night school to become a corrections officer. That really inspired me too.

  • The third person is my best buddy from the Marines, Alexander. He showed me a lot of tough love in an older brother kind of way. He taught me how to be out of my skin, how to speak to people, and not be afraid. He inspired me to be more of a man, spokesperson and speak confidently. We’re still in touch and he’s the person I talk to most. We’ll be friends for life.

  • The fourth person is the other IT tech here in California, Henri. He’s always been so patient, teaching and explaining concepts that are new to me. Knowing he’s a phone call away is helpful, and makes it easier to have each other’s back. He’s got years of experience in the IT field and is very knowledgeable.

How does Sevita support you in advancing your career?
When I first applied for this role, the manager asked me where I see myself going. I told them I really wanted to get into management and they seemed supportive of that decision. I also let my manager know I’d like to go to college, and she’s been really encouraging and supportive of it. I’m going for a cybersecurity degree and will start college this summer. I hope to benefit the company that way by focusing on the security aspects of IT.

You’re a co-founder of Sevita’s Military, Vet and Family Members Employee Resource Group (ERG). How did you get started, and what do you hope to get out of that experience?
During one of the first meetings to form the ERG they said “We still need a co-chair”. In the Marines I learned to be proactive and take charge. Even though I have no experience being a co-chair, I raised my hand and said ‘sure, I’ll do it, I’ll learn’. I was also really excited to be part of the group because I wished the group had been around longer. With this being my first civilian job, the transition from the military lifestyle to adult hood was really bumpy. I enlisted when I was 17, so really still a kid and the only thing I’ve known up to that point as an adult was the military. The real world is very different. So I feel like anyone else in the same boat as I was coming from that world, I want to have their backs and support them.

"I want to help create a comfortable environment for people
coming into our workforce as veterans or spouses coming from that military lifestyle,
and help them know that they’re not alone."

I genuinely didn’t know there were other veterans here at Sevita when I first joined the company. So I felt pretty alone. But knowing they’re out there now, and that they’re working in this corporate world too, makes me feel at ease. So I hope to make it feel more inclusive and let them know the ERG is here for them, and to reach out at any time to any of us. I just want to help them know that we understand their lifestyle and the transition they’re going through.

What have you been most surprised by (or unexpected) in coming to this company and your role?
If I have an emergency, or need to call out sick, it’s not a big deal. If I need to take PTO a week or two out, it’s not a problem. That always surprises me, since the military was so strict.
Also everyone is so nice. I’ll come into the office and there’ll be snacks on my desk or notes of some sort. That makes me feel welcome, and a part of the office even though I’m not really a part of their direct team, they still include me.

How do you put your personal touch on the work you do?
I like to help people feel comfortable and at ease with me. So I sometimes joke with co-workers, or try and be friendly by saying “Good morning!” when they walk by my area, or I try to engage in small talk. I aim to be social, and I try and make sure I’m not monotone, that the way I speak is engaging. I'm leaning away from the "IT guy" stereotypes!

Fun facts: I’m a huge Zelda fan and gym rat! I also love to cook. My signature dish is chicken parm.