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I love working at Sevita, not only because of my job itself but because of the team I work with. Everyone is incredibly supportive, I have many people to go to for advice and questions, and I really feel accepted. I’m able to flourish because I’m confident in what I can bring to the table.

As a Job Developer, I help connect our participants with job opportunities in our communities so they can gain real-life working experience. We use something called person-centered programming. We think about what each individual wants in their life, rather than just what job best fits their skillset. Participants explore their interests and what they’re passionate about, so we can better match them with a job that fulfills their lives—it’s an extremely enriching approach to job-matching.

My role requires a lot of ownership. I develop relationships with employers in the area to match participants with their opportunities. It takes initiative and resourcefulness, but it’s something I really value about the role and ultimately helps our participants find jobs that fill them with more purpose.
Lisa F.
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