Meet Josh, Business Finance Manager

Cindy, Recruiter

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"Step up to the plate and exceed in  your role and you can and will be promoted."

November is National Career Development Month!  While it’s important to think about opportunities to grow your career all year, what better time to start thinking about your own development than with a new year on the horizon?  At Sevita, we know it’s important that employees have opportunities to grow and thrive here, and that may mean changing career paths or moving within the paths they love. 

For instance, meet Josh, the Business Finance Manager for Connected Care (serving seniors daily through our day programs and also at home)! Josh had a background in auditing and wanted to find a way to do work that mattered to him.  He started with Sevita as a financial analyst in 2020, and then he had an opportunity to take on more when his supervisor left the company. He grabbed the chance by offering to do work that was outside of his normal day-to-day and being willing to learn new ways to contribute. “Step up to the plate and exceed in your role and you can and will be promoted,” says Josh. Last November, Josh was promoted to Business Finance Manager. 
Where do you want to be a year from now? Start by thinking about some goals you want to accomplish or skills you want to develop, and talk with your manager to get yourself moving!


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The MENTOR Network is a national network of local health care and human services providers in 37 states and together, we are united as partners that include:  
Cole Vocational Services, First Step Independent Living and Unlimited Quest, Cornerstone Living Skills, Creative Home Programs (CHP), Loyd’s Liberty Homes, MENTOR, Neuro Restorative, REM, MENTOR Adult Day Health