Meet Cindy, Sevita Recruiter

Cindy, Recruiter

Imagining the possibilities, that's living.

"At this company, I found my purpose."

For many, the Covid-19 crisis led to unwanted breaks in employment or being forced-fit into a new industry or role. But that wasn't the case for Cindy. In early 2019, she was looking for a new opportunity and let her network know through social media. 

It wasn't long before a contact at Sevita reached out with a potential role as an Admin Assistant in a regional HR department. She quickly jumped right in and made an impact. That was just the beginning of Cindy's career well lived story.

Not longer after, with her manager's support and encouragement, she spread her wings in a Payroll position. Then the pandemic hit, and  her new role was eliminated. With a track record of success, her flexibility and willingess to learn new skills, she was recommended for an Office Coordinator role at one of our local programs in Nevada. 

In 2021, Cindy moved back home to California, and again learned of a Talent Acquisition Admin role she might enjoy. She began working closely with candidates through their interviewing process, and helping them prepare for their first day at Sevita. From there it was a short 'hop' into a Recruiter role, where today you'll find Cindy thriving.

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