Meet Angela, Internal Communications Manager

Cindy, Recruiter

Inspiring possibility and purpose, that's living.

​​​​​​​"A career well lived to me means that it's collaborative, energizing,
productive, purposeful and balanced."

When Angela Riley, our Internal Communications Manager, was looking for a new position she wanted a mission-driven role that would allow her emphasize health and wellness so she could shift her focus from profit to purpose. “I had previously worked in brewery/alcohol sales and event production and wanted to pivot from driving profit to celebrating health and living well.” Sevita was perfect for her next career move.

From her initial contact with Sevita, she felt comfortable and could be her whole self. On her experience, “It was probably the best conversation I’d ever had with a recruiter.”

“Having a compassionate manager is another thing I was looking for most in my next role. I had such easy conversations with my future team members, which made me confident, comfortable, and respected.”

When asked about sharing a memorable moment since joining Sevita a few months ago, Angela noted “there’s been probably 10, it’s been pretty special.” Angela is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and when writing and editing communications about those we serve who have suffered a TBI, “that’s the fireworks that burst off my heart for me.”

Angela's advice for new employees: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. I've felt comfortable and able to be exactly who I am here. Being able to be yourself at work is really freeing – it feels really good.”

Fun fact about Angela: She loves Taylor Swift. “It’s so silly but she’s inspirational to me and I’ve gotten in fights with close friends who don’t like her. I’m not a musician but putting words together to tell a story is a beautiful art.”


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