Meet Tamyra, Clinical Coordinator Lead

Tamyra, Social Worker
Growing together, that's living.
As a Clinical Coordinator Lead, my passion and my role connect a lot. To be in social work, especially with children that have endured trauma, you have to have compassion and empathy. You need to understand there’s going to be good days, and there’s going to be bad days. It’s always worth it when I can provide foster parents and children with the services they need to thrive safely and securely. I make an impact on them, but ultimately, they make an impact on me.

I went into social work because I wanted to help people. But at Sevita, there’s so much more. They recognize employee potential and provide you with what you need to grow professionally within the company. My promotion to Clinical Coordinator Lead last year is a real example of Sevita believing in my potential. Beyond that, the thing that stands out in my work is that we come together as a team. If someone needs help because a child is sick, but they have to go service another client, we’re ready to jump in and assist. With such a supportive team behind me, I feel confident that we do our best by the foster families and children we serve.

Susan, LPN

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