Meet Michael, Program Director

Michael, PD
Discovering what motivates us, that's living.
My role as a Program Director, to best put it, is problem solving. I’m responsible for the overall coordination of a series of community support and in-home services for individuals with disabilities. My goal is to make sure our programs are safe and effective, and that my teams have the resources and support they need to help the individuals we serve thrive. 

When I think about the culture at Sevita, the word that comes to mind is “empowerment.” There’s an immense amount of agency and ownership you’re given to do what is best for your participants. One story comes to mind — some caregivers on my team coordinated this beautiful 75th birthday celebration for one of our participants who was recovering from an illness. All of his family attended, people flew in from all over the country. It was a phenomenal event and a real reminder of why we do what we do at Sevita. We’re trusted and given the flexibility to advocate for our people, to make a deep impact in someone’s life, and make decisions with your team to make it happen.

Michael, PD

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The MENTOR Network is a national network of local health care and human services providers in 37 states and together, we are united as partners that include:  
Cole Vocational Services, First Step Independent Living and Unlimited Quest, Cornerstone Living Skills, Creative Home Programs (CHP), Loyd’s Liberty Homes, MENTOR, Neuro Restorative, REM, MENTOR Adult Day Health