Meet Leticia, Direct Support Professional

Leticia, DSP

Building strong relationships, that's living.

What led me to this work was when my dad got sick. He had a brain injury that confined him to a bed, and he needed a lot of direct care. My dad was my first patient. I spent a lot of time at the hospital with him during that time, and I witnessed a lot of people who needed care, who just needed someone by their side. It was this experience that made me want to work at Sevita and why I’ve fallen in love with this job.
Spanish is my first language, and I continue to learn English. My supervisor supports me a great deal in my role; if I have any difficulty, he takes action and will get a translator as needed. I am currently learning to speak more English through the interactions with one of my patients. He teaches me English words and I share Spanish ones — we are learning together. I have learned so much from my participants. They make me smile each day and I feel like we are a family.
Leticia, Direct Support Professional at Sevita
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