Meet Jana, Life Skills Trainer Supervisor

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Inspiring possibility and purpose, that's living.
In my role as a Life Skills Supervisor, I get to see people do things that other people can't even imagine. I provide daily support to our clients, who are adults with traumatic brain injuries. These are adults who are here for rehab and our goal is to help them go home. Our motto at my location is to ‘work hard, get better, go home.’  I had a client who hasn’t spoken since his accident, and to see him work hard every day to be able to call his little brother and tell him ‘happy birthday’ on his birthday — that’s the reason you want to come back to work each day. The people we serve are the reason that you never want to leave. What’s kept me at Sevita for so long is that I get to see people get better. At school my children have been asked, "What does your mom do for work?" They always say, "My mom helps people." That's just the best thing to hear. 
Jana H.
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