Meet Britney, Registered Nurse

Britney, RN

Leading with our hearts and minds, that's living.

Some of my best days at Sevita are actually bittersweet. They're the days we send our long-term patients home. It's so rewarding that they get to walk out of our facility with their family--we're so happy for them--but we're also sad because we're going to miss them. The relationships you create with your patients are so meaningful here. It's these situations that are super rewarding and really drive our purpose. 

Before Sevita, I came from a home health facility where I was one-to-one, in the same room for 12 hours. I wanted to be a part of a team--to learn from other people and be a part of something bigger. That's what we have here at Sevita. We all work together to provide nursing care and manage everything together. We learn and grow with each new patient, and that's really great. I love our team dynamic. 
Britney, Nurse at Sevita

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