Should you try networking during the holiday season? Absolutely!

Many people cringe at the thought of “networking”. But we think about it as a two-way conversation: it’s really about gathering information or sharing your current career situation. And many companies ramp up their hiring in January, so holidays are a perfect time to use networking to get a jump start on your next job move. 

Not sure how to network or what to say – no problem! We’ve got some great advice
on how to approach your network with confidence this holiday season!

The Family Dinner

Holiday meals can be a great opportunity to reconnect with relatives you may not have seen in a while. This can be a good time to update family members on your current work situation. And don’t forget to ‘ask and listen’ to their work situation as well. You may be a great ‘connector’ for someone else looking for a new job!
The Holiday Party
Holiday parties can be the best way to meet new people. You both know the host (or someone they know does) so it’s a safe space. Asking someone about the work they do is a very common question, and an easy way to approach them in a fun and easygoing environment.
Seasonal Events
Most communities have special holiday happenings, school events, parades, concerts, and celebrations. In general, everyone is there to enjoy the season and if they are out and about, they are probably social and open to talking to others.
Ways to get the Conversation Started….

  1. Break the ice: Ask your cousin what they’ve been up to recently career-wise. That opens the door for them to ask YOU what your current situation is, and then you can also ask them if they have contacts in the field you’re in or looking to transition into.

  2. Who do you know? A lot of people find their next job through someone they know. Ask your sibling if they know anyone who works at a company where you’re interested in working. See if they would connect the two of you for an informational session about what it’s like to work there. Ask for 10 minutes of their time to pick their brain. Most people love to help and share their personal stories.

  3. Target a Role: If you know what you want to do next, ask a friend if they know anyone who works in that profession or industry. Connecting with them allows you to learn more about the position from someone who is already doing the job to see if it might be a fit for you.

  4. Hidden Jobs:  A lot of recruiters reach out to current employees to see if they know of anyone who may be interested in a particular position. If you’ve had conversations with a friend, former colleague, family member, or new acquaintance about your current situation they could refer you to a job before it’s even posted, which is why getting the conversation started in casual places like family dinners or holiday parties can lead to the next step on your career journey.Did you know that Sevita has a referral program and all current employees are eligible to participate? Connect with a Sevita team member you know if you’re interested in our many opportunities.